“Do or do not.”

do or do not

Ah, it’s that time of the year again! It’s a season full of renewed hopes and fresh perspectives. And from here, we’ll be venturing into an uncharted dimension of time and space called 2016. Feel it yet?

I bet most of us have envisioned new things for ourselves this new year. We aim to be better than our 2015 selves, and we give nothing less than the most optimistic views as the first day of the year unfolds. But it is undeniable that sooner or later, for most of us, those visions will just stay that way; imaginable but intangible.

Cliche as it may be, we’re the problem. And nope, we’re not short of confidence or resources, nor we lack in any ambition or sight. It’s just that we don’t act.

Nakakatamad nga naman, ‘di ba?

It feels good to imagine that things will become better, that experiences ahead of us will be awesome… but it’s exhausting to even raise our heads up and take a peek of where we are actually standing. But we have to know, Where are you placed right now? Are you closer to your goals, or are you an inch away before the starting line? Either way, if you’re not there yet, you have to move. We have to act.

As I looked back, I realized that the faith goals that I had for last year that didn’t transpire were the ones that received little to no action from me. I wrote them, I prayed for them, but I failed to actually do them.

As James 2:17 reminds us, faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead (ESV). Your “faith goals” will become “dead goals” if you do NOT work.

Yes, it takes tremendous courage to lay all your plans to God and patiently wait for His blessings. But we have to remind ourselves of this fact: He is faithful. He NEVER fails! (Deuteronomy 7:9; Lamentations 3:22) So that’s already a given; it’s either He’s going to make you wait, give you what you need, or lead you to a better gift. Sure na ‘yon!

Your part is do everything in your capacity to take one step at a time towards your goals. Hinay-hinay lang, no pressure. You have 366 days to work on them anyway. And anything that is beyond your frail being is to be submitted to the One who created everything. So you have to realize now, will things like writing your resume, making certain phone calls, or opening a textbook fall under the “Should be done by God” category? Come on now.

There’s also wisdom in Master Yoda’s words:


I have realized these now. My part and His.

Goal setting is important, but not as important as how you actually work for those goals. God will open the doors for you but you’ll never get to live on the other side if you choose not to move your feet.

So let’s enter 2016 now and keep moving, assured that He’s with us all the way. 🙂

I’ll be participating in Victory’s annual Prayer and Fasting. Join us! Share with me your faith goals so that I may pray for you and with you! 😀
Also, I have taken a break from posting my #TEDTalkTuesday posts during the last week of classes and the holidays. I’ll be resuming to do so next next week. 😛

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