#TEDTalkTuesday: The best gift I ever survived

I’ve been quite busy with my Practicum course, and haven’t got much time to read and write for pleasure. Bummer, I know. But it wouldn’t hurt to still go with what I’ve started, right?

For this week, I stumbled upon this short and sweet talk: Stacey Kramer’s The best gift I ever survived.

The title already gives you a hint of what it might be about, but for those who heard it live about six years ago… well, let’s just say that it might have left the audience’s jaws open or eyes watering.

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#TEDTalkTuesday: Keep your goals to yourself

It’s been long overdue (it’s been sitting in my drafts folder for about two weeks now!), but for my first featured talk this year, I’ll be doing a very quick one: the talk is just a little over three minutes long. And yes, Derek Sivers’ Keep your goals to yourself is worth your time! 😉

(It’s a short talk but it sparked tons of realizations for me!)

We’ve read articles about it and have heard people talk about it: You should share your plans and goals! That way you’d feel more compelled to do them.

In general, I don’t practice this advice but I do get its point. We’ll feel accountable when we announce things for we would get a little more pressure from our peers (whether they remind us of our words or not) to produce outcomes. We’re pushed to the finish line by the underlying (and haunting) thought that not being able to deliver will severely hurt our image and credibility.

Well, yeah. It’s always got something to do with our pride.

Also, it’s appealing to imagine that when we actually achieve what we say/said, there will be these people guaranteed to applaud or commend us because they know what we’ve been doing. They know, so they’ll cheer us on, right?

Ah! But… for whom are we really aspiring for? For whom will we be doing what we want to do? Hmmm…

I invite you to answer those two questions first before deciding whether you should share your new year’s resolutions or not.
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#TEDTalkTuesday: The Unexpected Beauty of Everyday Sounds

With this post, I’d like to start a weekly habit: to write about a TED Talk (or any TED video) that I’ve recently seen. My own feed of #TEDTalkTuesday! I’m not going to review them or try to explain its contents through my writing, but I’d like to share here what I’ve gathered from them–thoughts, questions, and all–as I indulge these awe-inspiring (and generous) sharing of knowledge. Basically, this is me trying to chronicle the videos that I’ve seen and listened to so I could preserve the ideas that they sparked in me.

And for my first pick, I’ll feature Meklit Hadero’s The Unexpected Beauty of Everyday Sounds.

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